What’s in it for you?

  1. Leading expert advice in the Petcare Industry - You will gain access to Purina’s leading industry expertise, senior management, networks, training and learning opportunities.

  2. Grow your business in the Petcare industry - You will receive your own handpicked Purina team to guide you in your start up development - Support and advice to help prove your concept. You will work with your Purina team to set key performance goals to prove your concept in 24 weeks. Keep ownership of your intellectual property, even after the programme ends - The freedom to work alone once the programme has ended. Your startup is not bound to continue collaborating with Purina after the programme.

  3. Funding and investment opportunities - Funding up to CHF 50,000 in the accelerator to achieve your set performance goals - If your technology is successful in solving our customers needs, Purina may provide you with further investment opportunities and /or funded collaborations

What are we looking for?

It is crucial that your business model is sustainable and scalable. We are looking for either B2C or B2B approaches and you will be evaluated on the relevance to how well your business idea could answer our customers problems. We are looking for a wide scope of disruptive startups who want to develop their groundbreaking ideas within the following categories;

  1. Nutrition This can include personalised nutrition or novel and differentiated ingredients and types of food.

  2. Pet services such as adopting, training, walking, boarding, travelling.

  3. Solutions to pet care using data & analytics.

  4. Pet health & wellness Including diagnostics.

  5. Sustainable solutions Including packaging.

* Please do not apply if you are within pharmaceuticals, accessories, gifts and toys. We are not looking for partnerships within these fields.

Who are we looking for?

Are you eligible? Please apply if you are:

Innovative, technology integrated, hungry to learn and eager to grow your business. We are looking for startups whose team is driven by the same passions as us in providing outstanding new solutions to pet health, nutrition and wellbeing.

  • We are looking to work with cohesive teams who have solid direction and are dedicated to their business.

  • You will need to have a relevant business plan and vision and an MVP. Best case scenario, you already have some customers too.

  • Product scalability. We want to improve the lives of all our pets and their owners, so your product/service must be deployable across a large scale.

  • Unleashed will only be working with startups situated within Europe, Middle East, N.Africa (EMENA). If you are a start- up outside this area and looking to market your business within these geographies, however, your application will be considered.

Disrupt PetCare with us