Amer Aqqad
Being selected for this unique global program, tailored to our target industry, among a large pool of applicants, was an immense privilege and validation of the years of hard work we've dedicated.

Throughout the 6-month acceleration program, we've harnessed an array of resources,including tools and data insights. Partnering with the exceptional Purina associates, we've pursued a common objective with a growth-oriented mindset.This allowed us to revisit our core principles, professionally test our digital assets, conduct user interviews, and, most importantly, address our riskiest assumptions to unlock substantial growth.

We continue to collaborate with the Nestlé MENA team on joint initiatives, leveraging our collective resources and networks to create a meaningful impact, drive savings,and foster growth as a united front. An exciting joint dog event is on the horizon for November, with a multitude of captivating initiatives yet to be unveiled.

Our sincere gratitude o the Unleashed team for making this journey possible. To all future participants entering this esteemed group of startups, we wish you the best of luck!