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2023 Winners

2022 Winners

EniferBio develops the world’s most efficient process for the production of sustainable protein derived from fungi.


Our philosophy is to enrich the lives and well-being of dogs and their owners. Through population genetics and breeding management, we aim to contribute to preventing many problems from arising.


Kibus is the new nutritional system for dogs: a cooking device that serves freshly prepared healthy food automatically


We help improve the quality of life of pets thanks to the integration of products and services into a single platform that allows pet parents to access the best veterinarians and the most accurate advice about nutrition and care for their furry friends.


MOA foodtech offers healthy and sustainable alternative protein ingredients platform through fermentation of food by-products combining biotechnology & AI.


Vetwork is the leading app in MENA that delivers qualified, experienced pet care professionals to your doorstep.


2021 Winners

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