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Past Events

Let's talk about the business of pet genetics!
Anna Skaya (Basepaws - Zoetis), Ryan Boyko (Embark Veterinary), Anja Geretschläger (Feragen), Jackeline Palma (Petgenoma)
Pet genetics is not only important for the health and well-being of our furry friends, but it also presents a significant business opportunity within the pet industry. By understanding your pet's genetic makeup, you can take preventative measures to ensure their longevity and enhance their quality of life. At "Let's Talk About Pet Genetics," we will explore how the latest advancements in genetic testing can benefit pet owners, veterinarians, and pet industry businesses alike. This is an opportunity to learn how you can tap into the lucrative pet genetics market while also making a positive impact on the lives of companion animals.
Jun 22, 2023
Let's talk about pet acquisition!
Eyass Shakrah (Pet Media Group-Sweden), David Bowles (RSPCA-UK), Paul Savage (dogs.ie-Ireland), Nathan Olivieri (RightPaw-Australia)
May 23, 2023
Let's talk about fund-raising in 2023!
Ole Peters (Monkfish Equity GmbH), Kamalini Hull (Stifel Financial Corp), Fabien Desiage (Nestle Purina Europe)
VC fundraising screeches to a halt in Q1 (Apr 6th, Pitchbook). The lowdown for European startups looking to raise money in 2023 (Mar 31st, Techcrunch). Let's hear from a VC, investment bank and corporate who were present at the Unleashed Pet-Tech meetup in Linz on what their take-aways were and their advice to pet startups seeking funding in 2023.
Apr 27, 2023
Let's talk to Scale Ups
Hosted by: Michael Hurnus Tractive - Panelists: David Prien (FirstVet), Anastasia Kukhar (Petcube), Marco Hierling (AlphaPet)
This is the panel discussion held at the Unleashed Pet Tech Meet Up in Linz on the 16th March 2023.
Mar 16, 2023
Let's talk to Investors about the DTC model
Hosted by: Veeraje Bhonsle (JamJar Investments) - Panelists: Garyth Stone (Houlihan Lokey), Leonor Ladeira (L'Catterton), Saskia Hoebée (Five Seasons Ventures)
This is the panel discussion held at the Unleashed Pet Tech Meet Up in Linz on the 16th March 2023.
Mar 16, 2023
Let's talk Local- Market dynamics in the DACH region
Hosted by: Hubert Wieser (Purina DACH Region) - Panelists: Attila Balogh (Taurus Acquisitions), Hansi Hansmann (Romulus Consulting)
This is the panel discussion held at the Unleashed Pet Tech Meet Up in Linz on the 16th March 2023.
Mar 16, 2023
Let's talk about insurtech
Hedda Båverud Olsson (Lassie), Ludovic Lacay (Napo) & Alban de Préville (Dalma)
Pet insurance is being disrupted! Health, wellness and prevention are the priorities. Data first approach, automation and machine learning models are just some ways insurtechs are using digital technology to interpret big data on pets for better decisions on pricing to beat big traditional insurers and attract a new generation of consumers. At this panel, we will hear from the co-founders who have done it!
Nov 8, 2022
Let's talk about NFTs and the Petaverse
Kris Penseyres (Dogami)
There is a paradigm shift from web1 (www) to web2 (social media) to web3, where you can find large virtual interactive community hubs for like-minded people, also known as the "metaverse." Dogami is a play-and-earn lifestyle game built on the Tezos blockchain. Raise, breed, and earn in the World's First Petaverse. Dogami is a unique "mobile-first" game that has set its path on providing the experience to own a 'digital pet'. We will talk to Kris Penseyres, Co-Founder of Dogami and previously from Sony Pictures about bridging your brand from the digital to the physical space.
Sep 29, 2022
Let's talk about how consumers moved from eco-worriers to eco-warriors
Graeme Lawrence & Martin Bryant (InSites Consulting)
Graeme Lawrence, Managing Partner at InSites Consulting and Martin Bryant, Client Director, talk about what sustainability means to pet consumers today and how they have been impacted by Covid-19.The will explain the "say/do" gap and what are the 4 rules for communicating efficiently to consumers. The session will include inspiring examples.‍
Sep 1, 2022
Let's talk about your brand and how it could be your growth asset
Elizabeth Lockwood (The Sound)
We talk to Elizabeth Lockwood, Head of Europe for The Sound who has spent 25 years understanding consumers (including thousands of pet owners) to help companies launch, grow and scale. We'll hear how D2C brands in particular have a unique opportunity to accelerate growth ahead of the competition by leaning into the brand. The session will include ideas you can activate on immediately as well as thought starters for longer term planning.
Jun 30, 2022
Let's talk about metrics & investors
Dominique Locher (CapMartins Ltd), Louis Magaldi-Charles (Five Seasons Ventures) & Katie Marrache (JamJar Investments)
We talk to Dominique Locher of CapMartins Ltd, Louis Magaldi-Charles of Five Seasons Ventures and Katie Marrache of JamJar Investments. They literally read hundreds of investment pitch decks monthly, and we will try to find out what excites them.
May 5, 2022
Let's talk about travelling and getting around with pets
Marco Fabris (TripForDog), Michaelis Vitalis (Most Valuable Paws) & Julien de Waal (Doggies in Town).
We talk to Marco Fabris, Founder of TripForDog, Michalis Vitalis, Founder of Most Valuable Paws and Julien de Waal, Co-Founder of Doggies in Town to find out how pet travel start-ups satisfy our travel bug and how their businesses work.
Mar 28, 2022
Let's talk about a day in a breeders's life
Michael White (PuppyFat), June Eyre & Kate Vennables (Coots Puppies)
Michael White, Founder of PuppyFat talks to June Eyre, Cocker Spaniel breeder and Kate Vennables of Coots Puppies, Dachshund breeder.
Feb 24, 2022
Let's talk about how pet telemedicine is innovating.
David Prien (Firstvet), Nick Irvine (The Vet Connection) & Mark Boddy (Pawsquad)
The traditional vet care industry is undergoing tremendous change. Changing customer expectations and tech development have led to the rise of remote pet healthcare delivery via telecom technology, but Covid-19 has been the biggest contributor to pet telemedicine adoption. Governments have been forced to adjust their pet healthcare guidelines to meet the realities of social distancing and lockdown, and are still revising vet regulations in real time. At their core, pet telemedicine startups aim to streamline the pet owner’s journey, from seeking vet care to receiving it. Some companies in this space pursue B2B strategies and others pursue a D2C approach, taking advantage of an increasingly younger and technologically-savvy target customer.
Oct 25, 2021
Let's talk about how tails.com disrupted pet nutrition through personalization.
James Davidson (tails.com)
In this interview, we chat with James Davidson, CEO and Co-Founder of tails.com on how they pioneered personalisation of pet nutrition and delighted their customers who keep coming back for more.
Oct 19, 2021
Let's talk about how Tractive CEO Michael Hurnaus raised $35M to expand to the US
Michael Hurnaus (Tractive)
In this webinar, we discuss with guest speaker Michael Hurnaus, CEO of Tractive, on how they managed to raise a funding of $35M to expand their activities in the US: the biggest pet market in the world. Tractive was founded in Austria in 2012 with the aim to help pet owners never experience the sinking feeling of losing their pet. Tractive has designed a GPS tracking device that is attached to the collar of a cat or dog and provides real-time location information to the owners' phone. At the moment, Tractive serves customers in 175 countries all over the world.
Jul 28, 2021
Let’s talk about insights: Key takeaways to drive growth through consumer centricity
Maud Hua-Bulteau (Nestle Purina EMENA) & Catherine Ropers (Nestle Purina EMENA)
When you get to know your customers, creating products they want to buy comes naturally. The deeper your knowledge of your consumers (whether they’re your customers or not), the more likely you are to make the right propositions. When you create products that delight the market, growth is inevitable.
May 28, 2021
Let's talk about sustainability: Four key takeaways for positive impact
Kerstin Schmeiduch (Nestle Purina Petcare)
From the biggest names to the newest startups, everyone in petcare has a part to play in the global challenge.In the last decade, everyone was talking about the move to digital. Now, they’re talking about sustainability. David Attenborough said in 2020 that the next ten years would define the next 100 years - and everyone has a part to play.
May 11, 2021
3 PetCare startups share their tips on getting the most from Unleashed
Bruno Farinha (Petable), Noora Keskievari (OneMind Dogs), Giuseppe Scionti (Novameat and Natu) & Alexander Wipf (Clear)
Purina’s Unleashed accelerator team is on a mission to discover the next generation of petcare startups. To launch the 2021 Cohort, the Unleashed team brought together an expert panel of 2020 alumni to discuss their experiences, and Purina’s Head of Accelerator Lab to share more on what makes the programme unique.
Mar 30, 2021
It's meow or never: Is cat tech about to take off ?
Maija Palmer (Sifted), Kathrin Burckhard (Cat in a Flat), Rebecca Hunt (Octopus Ventures) & Samuel Ryckewaert (Feelloo)
Why do cats tend to get less attention than dogs when it comes to startups and investment? Is it really true that cat owners are less willing to spend money on their pets than dogs? Or are cats a market that is ripe for development — and because it is relatively less crowded, all the better to be seized by the early entrants?
Mar 2, 2021
Connected pets: what are the opportunities for startups?
Michael Hurnaus (Tractive), Verity Batchelder (PitPat), Heidi Elomaa (If Insurance) & Cyril Ebersweiler (SOSV)
Pet trackers are small connected devices that can be put on a dog or cat’s collar, either to help find a lost pet, or to track its overall health and activity levels. Such devices featured heavily in Christmas gift lists this year, popular with many people who had adopted a pet during lockdown restrictions. But the category is still fairly nascent — there are no giant-sized market leaders and most companies are bootstrapped or funded only by small angel rounds.
Jan 14, 2021
Creating Europe's first pettech unicorn
Alex Thurstan (Different Dog), Maija Palmer (Sifted), Staffan Helgesson (Creandum), Garyth Stone (Houlihan Lokey) & Andre Jordão (Barkyn)
With 75m cats and 65m dogs in Europe, pet tech is a market ripe for hypergrowth. It stands at the crossroads of several trends that startups can capitalise on: millennials putting off having children and adopting “fur babies” instead, healthy, eco-conscious eating being extended to pets as much as people, the growth of direct-to-consumer deliveries, plus a pile of tech and telecoms advances that make new types of tracking and on-line communications possible for pets.
Nov 10, 2020