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About us

The Unleashed accelerator programme (non-residential) is designed to be at the cutting edge of the next generation in pet services, novel nutrition and health technologies to strengthen the bond and the lives of our pets and their owners. Driven by our mission to keep our pets and owners content, we want to bring relevant new products and services to pets and their families in today’s connected societ and take advantage of the lastest consumer trends.

Unleashed is designed to facilitate and promote collaboration among industry experts and pet tech entrepreneurs to find the next ‘couldn’t live without’ in pet care. In our second year, ‘Unleashed’ is looking for startups with exciting technologies and a passion for providing sustainable solutions within petcare.

The Unleashed Class of 2020 comprised of six winners across a range of categories within pet care innovation. From cell based seafood to connecting dog owners with local dog borrowers, we provided leading industry expertise to help our class of start ups develop their business and grow.

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Why you should apply?

Combining the science and rigour of Purina’s R&D powerhouse and commercial capabilities to test and learn rapidly in local markets, Unleashed will provide you with access to networking opportunities, Purina networks, funding (up to CHF 50.000) for a mutual project and visibility to help you grow.

In UNLEASHED, each start-up will have a carefully selected multi-disciplinary Purina team supporting them to achieve their acceleration objectives, with predetermined KPIs to prove within 24 weeks.

Important Dates

1 February 2021
Applications Open
31 March 2021
Applications Close
24th June 2021
Winners Pitch Day
25th June 2021
Cohort Starts
2 Dec 2021

How it works

1. Selection & Judging

Funded by the Purina Accelerator Lab, all applications will be reviewed in 3 rounds of judging and up to six winning startups will be selected. As part of the selection, a mutually agreed Scope of work with Purina will be defined and funded. The winners will be invited to a pitch day.

2. Programme

As a start up you will be given your own team of at least 3 Purina experts to help develop your proof of concept in no more than 24 weeks. To help you achieve your goals successfully, your Purina team will be a purposefully selected and multi-disciplinary blend of connoisseurs.

3. Final results

Once the 24 week programme has come to an end and upon a positive proof-of-concept,  you may be offered further business and/ or  funding opportunities with us at Purina.

The Core team

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