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About Unleashed

Unleashed connects with disruptive pet tech startups in Europe to enrich the lives of pets and the people who love them.

The Unleashed accelerator programme is designed to be at the cutting edge of the next generation in pet services, novel nutrition and health technologies to strengthen the bond and the lives of our pets and their owners.

Driven by our mission to keep our pets and owners content, we want to bring relevant new products and services to pets and their families in today’s connected society and take advantage of the latest consumer trends.

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At Unleashed, we believe corporates and startups should lift each other up

Unleashed is designed to facilitate and promote collaboration among industry experts and pet tech entrepreneurs to find the next ‘couldn’t live without’ in pet care. In our second year, Unleashed is looking for startups with exciting technologies and a passion for providing sustainable solutions within PetCare.

2021 Winners

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Pawesomer, Finland

Pawesomer is a comprehensive collection of tools for tracking your pet’s health, training and well-being. Allowing for an end-to-end pet health and lifestyle monitoring on their platform.

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Pawpots, UAE

PawPots is a subscription service provider of fresh, gently-cooked meals for dogs and cats in the Middle East. The company’s guiding mission is to raise the safety and quality standards of animal food by using real, human-grade ingredients in their products.

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PuppyFat, UK

PuppyFat is a software application that lets dog breeders log their records quickly, store their records securely, and share them seamlessly with vets and future pet owners. Having pioneered the world’s first mobile app for breeders, it now has a global user-base of several thousand.

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Scorpet, France

Scorpet is a free mobile application dedicated to pet contests. Open to every pet parent, Scorpet grants impartiality and ensures fun and pride are included.

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Biokind, UK

BioKind is addressing the global need for new sources of protein. BioKind’s proprietary technology and unique, circular economy approach allow us to offer a truly sustainable product without compromising on price and quality.

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Animoscope, France

Animoscope is a data-driven company based in France building an all-digital veterinary service that provides pet parents with qualified advice and recommendations.

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