Let's talk about how pet telemedicine is innovating.

October 25, 2021

With David Prien, CEO of Firstvet; Nick Irvine, Managing Director of The Vet Connection and Mark Boddy, CEO of Pawsquad.

The traditional vet care industry is undergoing tremendous change. Changing customer expectations and tech development have led to the rise of remote pet healthcare delivery via telecom technology, but Covid-19 has been the biggest contributor to pet telemedicine adoption. Governments have been forced to adjust their pet healthcare guidelines to meet the realities of social distancing and lockdown, and are still revising vet regulations in real time. At their core, pet telemedicine startups aim to streamline the pet owner’s journey, from seeking vet care to receiving it. Some companies in this space pursue B2B strategies and others pursue a D2C approach, taking advantage of an increasingly younger and technologically-savvy target customer.

About Firstvet: Founded in 2016, Firstvet is a digital pet telemedicine startup that helps pet owners access on-demand video consultations from qualified veterinarians. They have raised over €53M over 3 funding rounds, and are present in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, the U.K., and the U.S.

About The Vet Connection: Founded in 2003, The Vet Connection is a vet telehealth provider that leverages proprietary clinical protocols and a bespoke white-label platform to help pet insurers, veterinary practices, retailers, charities, and animal pharmaceutical companies to offer on-demand pet telehealth advice, triage, and ancillary services. It was acquired by Pets at Home in 2020.

About Pawsquad: Founded in 2014, PawSquad is a pet health advice service that helps pet owners to talk/video call with verified vets leveraging video conferencing technology, APIs, and video SDKs. PawSquad had raised €4.5M previously before it was acquired by European veterinary group IVC Evidensia in 2021.

About the event
Kim Bill, Head of the Purina Accelerator Lab will interview the 3 CEOs of these leading EU pet telemedicine companies on their customers, business models, opportunities, challenges and partnership wishes, as we gradually get back to normality, post-Covid.