Petopy is a digital assistant for pet parents that engages vets and pet owners with various services.




Our Product

Petopy provides a digital assistant for pet parents, which offers three different products: preventative health care brought to the home, online video consulting available 24/7, and veterinarian-approved product delivery. Pet parents can easily access their pets’ health history and receive consultation regarding their pets’ nutritional habits, chronic illnesses, vaccine dates, or any other topic they need advice on.

Why we do what we do

We believe that technology is becoming increasingly important for making daily life easier. The remote medical care industry has proliferated, especially after the pandemic. Solutions that limit physical interactions have become a critical factor in the market. At this point, we aim to become the only app that provides our users with everything their pets need, making pet care easier for their daily lives.

The pet market in Turkey is growing, and pets are becoming family members, creating a need for unique healthcare systems and useful products. However, factors such as a busy daily life, lack of support on public transportation, and clinic-related stress may lead to delayed follow-ups on pet care. With our business model and effective tools, we offer our users an easier and higher-quality way to care for their pets on time.

How we are going to change the industry

Based on our technology and data, we plan to shape the industry by offering in-depth solutions with only one app. Petopy will provide the right answers to all the unanswered questions and change the complex environment with innovative solutions. The awareness of sensibility among pet parents is one of the most important motivations for our business. With this in mind, every step of our operation is critical and well-considered. We are determined to make pet care simple.


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