Uses nose print identification technology to identify individual dogs and tie all data of the dog to their nose. Using data to build a world where people and pets can live more conveniently and safely.




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NoseID is an application using the latest technology that can identify individual dogs using their nose prints. As the first function, we are releasing this application to find lost dogs. In addition to preparing for emergencies, the application can also be used on a daily basis. It allows users to share registered dog information with those close to them and save vaccination certificates, which are essential to carry with you when you go out. It is currently undergoing social verification in Fukuoka City, Japan. In Fukuoka City, all lost dogs collected at the pet welfare center are identified by NoseID's nose scan.   

Why we do what we do  

Being a dog owner is not easy. If you lose your dog, who is like family, there is no way to find him.

We also rarely have access to facilities with our dogs. Less than 1 percent of restaurants allow pets, and less than 4 percent of homes allow pets. When we move, it is difficult to find a place to live and even more difficult to go out with our dogs. We have to give up going out with our dogs. The administrative registration process for dogs is also difficult.

We dog owners are the minority. We want to live a more normal life with our dogs.

How we are going to change the industry

Nose ID will be tied to the dog's nose with all data of the dog using nose print identification technology that can identify individual dogs.

By building a real data platform for pets where all pets are registered and partnering with government authorities and private companies to solve many conscious and unconscious issues that pet owners have.

The ultimate goal is to realize a world where pets and people can live more freely and a society where pets coexist with people.

There will be no more lost dogs because we will be able to identify a dog simply by scanning its nose.

For example, we would eliminate the need for dog owners to go through the cumbersome process of registering their dogs with the government and carrying dog certificates, so that they can live with just a dog's nose pass.

For example, if we know an area where there are many old dogs and their owners are in need, we will partner with various companies to create retirement facilities. If there are not enough pet-friendly shelters, we will provide data to the government to create shelters.

For example, we would suggest that dogs with allergies get the exercise and diet they need to live longer and healthier lives.

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