Kibus is the new nutritional system for dogs: a cooking device that serves freshly prepared healthy food automatically




Our Product

Kibus is nutritional system including a home appliance, an app and the best food recipes. Pet parents only need to fill our human-grade, minimally processed foods into the device once a week and it makes the whole cooking process automatically. Everything can be control through a mobile App.

Why We Do What We Do

We want to offer the best way of feeding pets, for both pets and humans. Pets are part of the family and deserve to be healthy and happy. More natural, less processed foods are better for our children and the same applies for our pets. The Kibus technology allows pet parents to offer their dogs a healthy and natural diet, but in the most convenient way.

How We Are Going to Change the Industry

Our proprietary technology is something completely new and combines healthiness and convenience. That’s why we can offer a better food for the dogs, but making it more convenient for the humans at the same time. We aim to be the industry standard in the future and have most of pet parents worldwide feeding Kibus to their pets. Long story short, we want to change the pet world like Nespresso did with the coffee industry.


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