We help improve the quality of life of pets thanks to the integration of products and services into a single platform that allows pet parents to access the best veterinarians and the most accurate advice about nutrition and care for their furry friends.




Our Product

A remote veterinary service  that helps reduce the need for physical visits, eliminates waiting times for consultations, helps pet parents access immediate health services and facilitates access to follow-up consultations and prescriptions.

We offer a triage service to determine if your animal requires virtual consultation or physical examination in a veterinary centre. We answer questions about behaviour and nutrition. We provide specialised consultations for postoperative follow-up and long-term care.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that the remote medical service can effectively apply to pet care. For years, we have worked on developing effective tools and models to deliver high quality remote medical care, improving quality of care at a lower cost to the system. Now,  we want pets and their parents to experience and take advantage of these benefits. Distance medical assistance of excellent quality, like the one knok provides, will bring countless benefits for vet doctors and pets. For example, it helps reduce pet care costs, promotes animal’s preventive care, reduces the amount of  unnecessary emergency consultations, and helps control acute disease episodes through the immediate triage system. As a result, pets have an increased quality of life and higher life expectancy when pet parents embrace a hybrid care model supported by physical and virtual consultations.

How We Are Going to Change the Industry

We offer an in-depth virtual consultation system based on the pet’s medical history. When  booking a new consultation, pet parents  will receive a link by SMS and email where they will be asked several questions about your pet's health and the symptoms they're having. It could also be requested before or during the remote consultation to share photographs of the pet, especially any areas of visible concern, so the vet can better understand the medical needs and health state of the pet. Vet professionals can access a pet's electronic medical record to review it and update it. Collecting all this information will provide the veterinarian with as much information as possible leading to a better diagnosis and treatment. To complement the continuity of care, we work in a survey system that assesses pets' quality of life and gives recommendations about habits, behaviour and nutrition. Pet parents can use the information to make adjustments and compare results of previous scores to see the improvement of the quality of life of their furry friends.


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