MOA foodtech offers healthy and sustainable alternative protein ingredients platform through fermentation of food by-products combining biotechnology & AI.




Our Product

MOA transforms the way we produce protein to build a healthier and sustainable world. MOA is a platform of ingredients produced by fermenting a huge diversity of food industry's by-products, obtaining an alternative protein with technological properties. Thanks to our superior nutritional profile and highly versatile valorisation potential, thanks to our own library of microorganisms and AI tool, we are already helping food companies to replace animal-derived ingredients.

Why We Do What We Do

Society and Nature are facing a huge global concern: 80% of deforestation is due to the expansion of agriculture, 77% of which is destined for animal feed. In addition, the food industry is responsible for 24% of carbon dioxide emissions. This will increase with the growing protein demand, which by 2050 will be 70% higher than it is today.

This is why, at Moa, we want to create a global, disruptive and sustainable solution: a high-value protein from by-product fermentation optimized with artificial intelligence.

How We Are Going to Change the Industry

The pet food industry is a crucial part of the food industry as a whole, and we are committed to expanding our efforts to make healthy, sustainable food and feed. That's why Purina is the perfect partner to learn about the pet food industry and see how we can impact the sustainability and nutritional value of pet food. The UNLEASHED 2022 program allows MOA to accelerate into the production of healthier edibles.


Upcoming Events

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