Our philosophy is to enrich the lives and well-being of dogs and their owners. Through population genetics and breeding management, we aim to contribute to preventing many problems from arising.




Our Product

Our Breeder platform offers a “push the button” solution and helps breeder to make a reliable breeding decision. This innovative matching tool considers complex and relevant genetic information to find the right breeding partner.

Why We Do What We Do

We are a team of professionals passionate in what we are doing and how we are doing it. We try to understand pain points and needs of our customers and offer dog owners, breeders and vets innovative services that can improve a dog’s life over generations. Taking the customer on a genetic journey- that's our goal!

How We Are Going to Change the Industry

Our innovative tool considers all relevant genetic information to find the right breeding partner and helps making the right breeding decision by preventing disorders. It can be also used as basic finder for nutrition and nutrition-based treatment. One of the most important aspects is presenting the information in a simplified way.  For this, we designed a special genetic marker set based on our long-term experiences in genetic diversity testing which also includes information on disorders and traits. Genetic testing of your dog will provide you with breed specific but also general information elaborated with the expertise of different disciplines. For this reason, our solution is not only of interest for professionals like breeders or vets but also for dog owners, who want to explore a dog's genetics and the mysteries behind it.


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