DOGAMÍ is an entertainment company building an accessible, mobile-first web3 game based on lovable 3D NFT dog avatars.




Our product

DOGAMÍ: Your True Virtual Companion, is an ambitious yet accessible, mobile-first web3 game, based on lovable 3D NFT dog avatars. It is a play-and-earn lifestyle game built on the Tezos blockchain. We can adapt, raise, and earn in the world’s first Petaverse.

Our DOGA House app is an NFT viewer that enables you to play and interact with your Dogamí. In DOGAMÍ Academy, players compete in intensive obstacle course races with their Dogamí to win rewards. Players can improve their Dogamí's stats  through a management system that includes training sessions, relics, and feeding.

Why we do what we do

DOGAMÍ is at the unique intersection of three mega trends: dog ownership, mobile gaming, NFT.

DOGAMÍ NFTs boast a real in-game utility and incredible bonding opportunities.

We aim at delivering a frictionless and as easy as possible experience into the web3 space for everyone.

How we are going to change the industry

Our ambition is to build a complete, joyful, and immersive universe bridging the gap between digital and physical experience.  

DOGAMÍ has created an immersive universe with a captivating story that transcends the physical and digital worlds.

DOGAMÍ is a cross-media entertainment brand: Gaming, Comic books, Toys, Fashion, Music, TV and Films, Interoperability.

We leverage the DOGAMÍ core gaming product to create a whole set of entertainment experiences, online and offline, living both in virtual and in-real-life worlds boasting concrete in-game and offline utility.


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