EniferBio develops the world’s most efficient process for the production of sustainable protein derived from fungi.




Our Product

The PEKILO® protein produced by eniferBio was the world’s first commercially manufactured mycoprotein. Originally produced from forest industry by-products in Finland from 1975 to 1991, the protein has a long track record of use in land animal feed. At eniferBio, we’ve taken this tried and tested production process, and are tweaking it to answer the world’s protein demand in the 2020s. We’ve made the process work on a wide variety of organic industrial by-products, which can be valorised into protein creating a circular economy solution. In addition, we’ve improved the protein content of the product from the original 50% to 65%, and are targeting high-value applications in different market segments. The product has 5-50x lower CO2 footprint than meat, and also has a lower overall environmental burden than plant-based proteins.

Why We Do What We Do

The world’s protein demand is set to double by 2050 as the world population grows and more people are lifted out from poverty, changing consumption patterns. Using conventional protein production methods such as animal farming, fishing and growing legumes, the planet simply cannot provide for this increase, especially as we desperately need to decrease our environmental footprint to keep the planet from boiling over. While many new solutions are being developed, most are at concept and laboratory stages and will take ages to scale, if they prove viable in the first place. At eniferBio, we are in a unique position building on a process which is known to scale, and has been operated industrially for more than 15 years. We are ready to scale. Now.

How We Are Going to Change the Industry

We envision the PEKILO process taking its place as a major form of protein production globally. Mycoprotein is already a small but established product even in human nutrition (Quorn), and is set to become a “new normal” alongside traditional animal and vegetable proteins. At eniferBio, we want to be global leaders in providing a sustainable, cost-competitive mycoprotein ingredient. While most alternative protein companies aim to have their own branded products on supermarket shelves, we believe that true impact and shifting the status quo can only be achieved by providing a protein ingredient to the existing big players in global protein markets.


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