Feelloo is a French-made, subscription-free & world’s smallest, connected medallion designed to help cat parents take care of their furry friends.




Our product

Feelloo is a tiny medallion with a subtle design that you attach easily to your cat’s collar.

It comes with an app that ease the daily care by providing ability to locate your cat at home or when wandering and to prevent cat loss.

The app helps as well to discover the secret life of your furry friend by showing its territory ,statistics such as sleep time & activities and providing well-being advices.

Why we do what we do

We believe that technology can help to strengthen the bond between cat and parents, which is key for the cat's overall well-being.

Our mission is to create the best wearable device fitting cats and that cat parents are willing to use.

The desired outcome is for cat parents to have peace of mind and for cats to live healthy, happy lives.

How we are going to change the industry

Feelloo is the first wearable that cats can be comfortably worn and designed with cat parents needs in mind.

Made in France and designed with vets, Feelloo is the world tiniest GPS dedicated to cats and is subscription-free.

It weighs only 7 grams and its battery lasts for up to 1 month thanks to the technologies that we have developed.

Feelloo also monitors the activity throughout the day as strengthening the bond with your cat is the way to improve its well-being.

Feelloo is a first-of-its-kind wearable for cats as it come with a “freemium” offer :

The smartphone application is provided for free and allow unlimited access to all features, including live GPS research within the neighborhood.

An additional service enables limit-less GPS research that can be triggered on-demand to recover its cat if lost.


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